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Toy and Game Expo this weekend!

Toy and Game Expo this weekend! Great games, sales and check out new product! There are going to be stacks of new things to check out and do at the Toy and Game Expo. 
Things to check out:

Stacks of fresh new board games to pick up.
Check out the game library and demo tables for a go at the newest releases.
Compete in board game championships and the chess tournament.
Also see the newest and best in toys. Also shoot your friends with Nerf stuff!

Personally I will be hovering around Terra Mystica and trying to steal a copy.

New Loot

New Force Pack for Star Wars LCG – A Dark Time and Data Pack – Future Proof for Netrunner

Tammany problems but Tammany Hall ain’t one.

Expansion for the surprise dice drafting game: Seasons – Enchanted Kingdoms

Arctic Scavengers: pretty much the first deck building game. Unless you want to fight about Starcraft the Board game.

Magic the Gathering Dragon’s Maze  Intro Pack and sole event deck. Which has a weird dual land there. 

What we played?

Netrunner Regionals were all over the last month. I have managed to win one and looking to win a second regionals. It is pretty much my favorite card game at this point. I love the interplay between runner and corp an entire game revolving around hidden information is way cool.

Also Cyberpunk. CYBERPUNK!

Lastly Glory to Rome is still a favorite of my gaming group however the timing in the game is weird. Probably need to find a way to win faster with different strategies instead of the game durdling out.

Living the Game!

Christmas is in full swing and we are constantly restocking and adding new games to ensure the freshest batch of games this Christmas season.

Live the Game!

A bit earlier in the year we started a video making contest with Brand Honee. Budding film makers were urged to send in their best vids of what it is like to ‘Live the Game’.
Check em here :

They are all awesome videos and I am really digging the fantasy quest theme. That’s pretty much how I feel everyday: like a wizard.


Personal fav is here

We would love to thank all those who contributed and voted. This was an amazing achievement and it looks like its going to be a hard contest to judge.

Whats new!

Way new additions from Sirlin Games, Flash Duel and Puzzle Strike is now instock.

Scratch that deck building itch with Resident Evil Deck Building Game Mercenaries. It adds one of my favourite characters Rebecca Chambers into the mix which is always awesome.

For all you Penny Arcade fans we also have limited quantity of their Paint The Line series of Cold War card play. This looks like a faster themed complement of Twilight Struggle of which I am a major fan of!


What’s Restocked?

Cathedral is back in stock, the classic city moving game now has a new box and better playing pieces.

After a quick sell, Can of Worms and Test Match Cricket is now back in stock all held orders have been completed.

No Resisting Monopoly

What’s New?

Need more gamer fuel? Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter Collectors Edition Monopoly in stock! 
Update for Starcraft Risk: should be in next week so get ready for some mutaling action. This reminds me to play the actual Starcraft the Boardgame: Board game edition as it was a pretty cool and brutal 4X game.
Ugg – Tect! for head bonking action. This could be the party game of choice to the barbarically inclined.

New Yu Gi Oh Structure deck to change up the metagame. This one is the Realm of the Sea Emperor

What’s Back In?

Seasons and The Resistance is back In Stock so quickly snap those up before they disappear again.

What did we play?


Finally won my first game of War of the Ring. The fellowship was annihilated on the steps of Mordor, losing 3 members in the first three steps. In the last

turns it was all in on Rivendell but Frodo dropped his elven cloak on to slam dunk the possessed finery in sweet fashion.

Heaps more Return to Ravnica draft, it is easily one of the more intriguing drafts to play though this is coming from back to back core set and the much maligned Avacyn Restored draft.

Finally Netrunner, playing some ungodly ice destroying anarch brew. This game is quite hard to handle as it is completely different to every other card game out there. Haas Bioroid for a big ice corp deck seems to play very slow and steady.

Job Opportunity at Ventura Games

Ventura Games, an Australian board games manufacturer and distributor is looking for a customer service all rounder.

It is a part time position based in Sydenham, Sydney.
Job roles include
> Phone Inquiries
> Data Entry
> Customer Service qualities
>Some order pick up and delivery

Driving license is a must.

If you think you are a great team player call Nick or Dean at

02 9517 2288 or email them at


How to Host a Murder of Mythic Proportions

Whats News?
Complete restock of the How to Host a Murder line. All the old favourites are back in stock and that includes the oldies and the goodies:

Class of ’54
Tragical Mystery Tour
Last Train from Paris 
The Great Chicago Caper

The last time I tried one of these it also came with cool recipes ( Roman Ruins) which ended up being surprisingly edible.

Also the Dexter Board Game and the Asmodee game Seasons was restocked.

Whats New?

Mythic Battles from Iello brings to the table two player card based combat, as does doppelganger Mage Wars. It probably comes down to which theme you enjoy, greek mythos vs MAGIC but it also boils down too whether or not you own a copy of Summoner Wars or Magic the Gathering.

Return to Ravnica has dropped. Had tons of fun with the prerelease and the set looks like an amazing limited coup as there are so many combat abilities. Fatpacks, Booster Boxes and Intro packs are in with event decks sure to follow up.

Last week all X – Wing games reported in with a full set of Expansions and the dice pack in large quantities. All preorders are out so enjoy recreating Yavin IV like Wedge while your opponent recreates it like Jek Porkins.

What we played

Netrunner. This is clearly one of the best duelling card game I have played for a long time. So many decisions, so many plays! It plays completely differently for Corp and Runner with a mad theme to boot. Made me rewatch RoboCop. All of them.

Also drafted Return to Ravnica and it was quite a hard draft. My Advice: Stay open early and pick up the solid 2-4th picks on colour pack 2. Signals are super IMPORTANT.

Netrunning Cities

Exciting couple of weeks with a lot of the newest and best in board gaming in stock!

Whats New?

Android – Netrunner makes its appearance this week and already the numbers buying it are strong. An amazing card game design from Richard Garfield could create tournament inroads for Fantasy Flight Games who are in the giant slaying position. Fantasy Flight Games is really getting into gear with the different LCG offerings, generally improving design from set to set.

7 Wonders – Cities has arrived today and pre-orders should be released on the Monday. This expansions adds only a few cards but heaps of gameplay options. One aspect I found weak in 7 Wonders (hard i know!!) was the shallow depth of cards which threw alot of strategy out in a 5-7 player game. More cards means more depth!

Millionaire Monopoly makes an appearance being a swifty and fast version of Monopoly where people just have to reach 1 Million dollars (In liquidity mind you not net worth).

Some news?

Sydcon is up in the October long weekend and really is the home of the most amazing RPG stories ever. Most of my spun tales of roleplaying comes from pick up games during Sydcon. Definitely do the Andersonville campaign if you get a chance.

What we played?  

My Glory to Rome Black Box edition just arrived so I can’t wait to try it out. Its not like I have a dearth of card based civilization building games (Innovation, Race for the Galaxy) but portable strategic games are such a premium.
Currently all aboard the hype train for magic the gathering. Return to Ravnica looks amazing to draft with lots and lots of combat mechanics. Azorius ho!
Neuroshima Hex this weekend, then maybe some Magic Draft. AMAZING!

Also Netrunnnneeerr!

*puts on corporate sell out suit on

Friday RIO Frenzy!

We are back here again with an all new FRENZY!
Now we are back with a nice new Rio Grande Games selection.

Caylus Magna Carta 

Lost Cities: The Boardgame


Scrabble (with wooden tiles)

Dominion: Alchemy


Three Commandments

A Castle for all seasons 


Pikce titles out with their heaps reduced prices!

Are you as fast as your draw…

I love spaghetti westerns.

Nothing better than a standoff followed with a blaze of gunfire.
Well if Twilight Struggle could attest, sitting in the Kremlin and making dominoes fall is equally as fun.
But not everyone has the time to throw down the slugfest which is Twilight Struggle, then the list of fun (for me at least), 2 player games start to grow thin.

Lost Cities? Card counting.
War of the Ring? same problem as Twilight struggle: with orcs.
Magic? Yeah sure but I could only tap that  game for so long.
But checking through the new game pile yesterday I found an eager El Indio grasping two revolvers pointing straight at me.
While the bullets missed the game didn’t. A fast  card game about hunting down the Colty gang with a posse of Law Dogs, Revolver really scratched that two player asymmetrical itch that Labyrinth: War on Terror and a CCG game would.

Gameplay was fun and furious. Cowboys and bandits would die left and right and as the Colty gang you really get to feel like the world is against you and you have to race for the Mexican border. As the border looms close, only your closest companions are left as the noose begins to draw around you. Suddenly you are on the 3:15 express from Rattlesnake station with your dog dead and only a few Derringers to keep you comfy.


That’s when you blow up the train.
With all the bounty hunters on it.
Then you make your run for the border.

Ride off. Sunset. Varmints
Doused with the spaghetti western theme making it 3:10 to ‘Yuma’ in-con- carnate this game really hits the theme sweet spot of being playable and thematic (I am looking at you Scarab/ Minotaur Lords… wait that game is pretty good).

Won’t be slamming this down in party situations (unless they are playing Twilight Imperium when you awkwardly rock up mid turn 2), but this is a surefire keep to replace some bad two player card game.

Who am I kidding, I keep all my games.

Check out Revolver: The Wild West Gun Fighting Game here
Like us on Facebook and see all the new games as they arrive here 

Sydney Toy and Games Expo 2012


See It! Play It! Own It! 

This Queens Birthday long weekend (9-11 June) take the family and your game group down to the Sydney Showground for the 2012 Toy and Game Expo here in Sydney!

“Why?”  you ask?

Newest Releases: See and play the freshest games straight from the presses.

Largest Public Game Library in  Australia: Play what you want with who you want!
Special Deals: Hot prices and exclusives during the weekend! Bag those games you want on the cheap.

Fun for everyone!: Whether you love toys or you love games, the Toy and Game Expo has you covered.

Throw down in Settlers of Catan or play in the NERF firing range! Check out Australian designed games, meet the designers and tap into that creativity. Or swing by the Games Paradise stall and pick up a bargain and chat about how you pulled off that killer win playing Game of Thrones. Also did somebody say My Little Pony Play Pit ?!

Check out the Expo on their website
Retweet their Twitter: @toyandgameexpo or #TAG12
Like their Facebook:

*TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Pick up your entry into a world of toys and games today! Continue reading

20/100 Games in 100 Days: Cosmic Encounter

After an amazing Storm of Souls Event day which saw stacks of games being played, most of all Ascension Storm of Souls.
That game was pretty fun. I mean how much strategy did the game contain.
Most of it was tactics which is fine but it certainly scratches a different itch compared too Dominion.

Last night we brought home some wine and friends and tangoed in the starred ring known as Cosmic Encounter.
Known pretty much as a fierce and crazy dudes on an abstracted map game, one of its big appeals its its huge catalogue of playable races with remarkably different powers.

Now I have played Cosmic Encounter before and had a terrible time playing it. Hopefully this game would change my mind.

But once we dealt out the races it was stop go stop go from there.
Only in the final hours once we had a groove how did we find how interesting and utterly crazy the game was.

Way meatier than it should be and I would rather play Rex for my space fix.

Till tomorrow!

Pics up on Tumblr and Facebook!

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