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Video: Chicago Express

Chicago Express Available Here

America’s industrial boom would have been unthinkable without the railroads. It was only possible to open up this huge country by transporting the necessary materials over long distances.

The industrial development of North America is therefore synonymous with the expansion of the railroad networks of individual companies, many of which were founded at the time with the help of investors who put up the necessary capital.

Names such as Cornelius Vanderbilt and Charles Morgan bear witness to this period, but the financing of the railroad was not the only thing these investors had in mind. The most important goal of all was to make as much profit as possible.

The players try to earn as much profit as possible by buying shares in thriving railroad companies. Player have several options for increasing the value of shares in the companies, which, in turn, increase their profits.

Game Contents:

1 Game Board — showing:
A map with hexes covering the part of the USA that extends from the east coast to Chicago; A track for the income of the 5 railroad companies;
Three gauges with rotating hands to indicate the players’ decisions;
An Industrial City track showing the development of the three industrial cities of Detroit, Wheeling and Pittsburgh;
One space for the general supply of development pieces, the little houses;
The Charter of the Wabash Railroad Company. The map has different kinds of hexes:
23 Houses — 20 of which serve as development pieces while the remaining 3 mark the development of the 3 industrial cities on the Industrial City track.
5 “+50″ Game Tokens — one for each company
3 Cardboard Indicators Needles and 3 Rivets — for attaching them to the game board, as well as ” 1 Rulebook
20 Shares — 3 red ones from the Pennsylvania Railroad Company (PRR), 4 blue ones from Baltimore & Ohio (B&O), 5 green ones from New York Central (NYC), 6 yellow ones from Chesapeake & Ohio (C&O) and 2 black ones from Wabash.
Game Money — in denominations of $1, $5 and $25 totaling 140 banknotes.
103 Locomotives in the company colors — The locomotives show which hexes belong to the route network of which company. 20 red PRR locomotives 22 blue B&O locomotives, 24 green NYC locomotives 26 yellow C&O locomotives and 11 black Wabash locomotives.
5 Counter Pieces — in the colors of the 5 railroad companies to mark off the income track.
4 Charters for 4 Railroad Companies — each one showing the name and color of a railroad company and providing space for its locomotives and shares. There is also enough space for the money that this company receives as the game progresses.

Exclusive Magic Hat

Learn all the tricks of the trade with the Exclusive Magic Hat Set 4. With Exclusive magic hat you will be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat as well as perform loads of cool magic effects.
This set comes jam-packed with 100 tricks for you to master, included in this set are tricks with Cups and balls, Cards, Rope, Sponge and loads of other amazing exciting magic effects.

Heroscape Expansion: Valkrills Gambit Wave 10 (4)

The tenth expansion set for Heroscape, Valkrill’s Gambit features the following boosters:

– Champions of Renown
– Soulborgs
– Warriors of Fledspar
– Warriors and Soulborgs.

D & D Lady Of Pain Video

Hookum – One swing and your hooked !

In theory, it’s simple: swing your ring onto your hook.

But what should be simple is maddeningly difficult.

Hookum is tantalizing and infuriating in equal parts.

As your competitors frantically try to out duel one

another, you must focus only on your throw.

coming soon…

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