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Job Opportunity at Ventura Games

Ventura Games, an Australian board games manufacturer and distributor is looking for a customer service all rounder.

It is a part time position based in Sydenham, Sydney.
Job roles include
> Phone Inquiries
> Data Entry
> Customer Service qualities
>Some order pick up and delivery

Driving license is a must.

If you think you are a great team player call Nick or Dean at

02 9517 2288 or email them at


How to Host a Murder of Mythic Proportions

Whats News?
Complete restock of the How to Host a Murder line. All the old favourites are back in stock and that includes the oldies and the goodies:

Class of ’54
Tragical Mystery Tour
Last Train from Paris 
The Great Chicago Caper

The last time I tried one of these it also came with cool recipes ( Roman Ruins) which ended up being surprisingly edible.

Also the Dexter Board Game and the Asmodee game Seasons was restocked.

Whats New?

Mythic Battles from Iello brings to the table two player card based combat, as does doppelganger Mage Wars. It probably comes down to which theme you enjoy, greek mythos vs MAGIC but it also boils down too whether or not you own a copy of Summoner Wars or Magic the Gathering.

Return to Ravnica has dropped. Had tons of fun with the prerelease and the set looks like an amazing limited coup as there are so many combat abilities. Fatpacks, Booster Boxes and Intro packs are in with event decks sure to follow up.

Last week all X – Wing games reported in with a full set of Expansions and the dice pack in large quantities. All preorders are out so enjoy recreating Yavin IV like Wedge while your opponent recreates it like Jek Porkins.

What we played

Netrunner. This is clearly one of the best duelling card game I have played for a long time. So many decisions, so many plays! It plays completely differently for Corp and Runner with a mad theme to boot. Made me rewatch RoboCop. All of them.

Also drafted Return to Ravnica and it was quite a hard draft. My Advice: Stay open early and pick up the solid 2-4th picks on colour pack 2. Signals are super IMPORTANT.

Netrunning Cities

Exciting couple of weeks with a lot of the newest and best in board gaming in stock!

Whats New?

Android – Netrunner makes its appearance this week and already the numbers buying it are strong. An amazing card game design from Richard Garfield could create tournament inroads for Fantasy Flight Games who are in the giant slaying position. Fantasy Flight Games is really getting into gear with the different LCG offerings, generally improving design from set to set.

7 Wonders – Cities has arrived today and pre-orders should be released on the Monday. This expansions adds only a few cards but heaps of gameplay options. One aspect I found weak in 7 Wonders (hard i know!!) was the shallow depth of cards which threw alot of strategy out in a 5-7 player game. More cards means more depth!

Millionaire Monopoly makes an appearance being a swifty and fast version of Monopoly where people just have to reach 1 Million dollars (In liquidity mind you not net worth).

Some news?

Sydcon is up in the October long weekend and really is the home of the most amazing RPG stories ever. Most of my spun tales of roleplaying comes from pick up games during Sydcon. Definitely do the Andersonville campaign if you get a chance.

What we played?  

My Glory to Rome Black Box edition just arrived so I can’t wait to try it out. Its not like I have a dearth of card based civilization building games (Innovation, Race for the Galaxy) but portable strategic games are such a premium.
Currently all aboard the hype train for magic the gathering. Return to Ravnica looks amazing to draft with lots and lots of combat mechanics. Azorius ho!
Neuroshima Hex this weekend, then maybe some Magic Draft. AMAZING!

Also Netrunnnneeerr!

*puts on corporate sell out suit on

Friday RIO Frenzy!

We are back here again with an all new FRENZY!
Now we are back with a nice new Rio Grande Games selection.

Caylus Magna Carta 

Lost Cities: The Boardgame


Scrabble (with wooden tiles)

Dominion: Alchemy


Three Commandments

A Castle for all seasons 


Pikce titles out with their heaps reduced prices!

14/100 Games in 100 Days: Carcassonne

Painting a house is hard. Almost broke open Fresco to commemorate the ordeal but I will probably save that game for when I can get 3-4 players as it looks like an absolute treat to play.

Threw down Carcassonne with my girlfriend while the paint was still settling down. This is possibly the reason why I got into playing board games. That feeling of “wow look at what we have created” is probably matched by only Glen More and the building of your little Scottish town. Oh and painting your own place

The game is so charming with such simple play. Probably if you had a hand of two tiles it would go down better, but like a nice coat of paint it was still sharp and smooth at the same time.

This is the game I introduce people to the hobby with. This and 7 Wonders.

What is your gateway game?

Till tomorrow

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9/100 Games in 100 Days: 7 Wonders

Is it just me or did they HIT the sweet spot with this game.

A tale of epochs and civilizations crumbling and falling.
30 minute play.
No player elimination?

and up to 7 players!

This is the weapon of choice during those long Saturday nights before games of Catacombs or Runewars. And I can’t believe its longevity.

The simple play and the clean mechanics are so enthralling.
It looks almost too easy.
Then it hits you. You start playing cards then look around…thats alot of green buildings there mate
Now you are trashing linen. Who needs linen anyways? Oh wait those bratty Greeks from Halicarnassus want the linen. ALL THE LINEN.

Too bad: Linen is now the left foot of the Colossus and now you have to change strategies.

One of my faves and a solid reminder to me that there is still innovation just out there.

Till Tomorrow x 7


6/100 Games in 100 Days: Rune Age

This is just going to be a quick update!

We just set up our stall at CanCon. This is our 4th year there and we have a massive range of stuff. It took us 4 hours to setup. That’s a whole lot of Catan (and a million other games) :S

Lacking the time needed to really play a game I had to rush to my portable stack of solitaire games to play during the downtime.

Enter Rune Age.

It is so hard to break out of the deck building mould. God knows Rune Age tries.
I mean it almost feels like it tried to bite off more than it could chew but somehow it just feels right.
Four different sides.
Four DIFFERENT game modes.
Competitive game play.
Solitaire play.

All in a tight Fantasy Flight Silver Line box.
Solitaire with the game is a race to defeat the customary evil before the game decides to chew you up and spit you out.
I still haven’t played this with more than one.

All my elves are on fire.
All of them

Till Tomorrow (CANCON D: )