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Weekend Games Frenzy! Till Sunday!

Just for all you games fanatics out there; we are introducing an all new newsletter every Friday!
We will spotlight 8 different games with amazing prices!

This selection is not just old dusty games, we have an elaborate choosing system in which new and popular games are chosen.
Mostly through gladiatorial combat.

This weeks eight games are:

Battleship Movie: Combat Case

The Hunger Games: District 12


Royal Palace

Taj Mahal


Fresco (Free Promo Cards Included)

Warrior Knights

And their prices are red hot…
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TGIF amirite?

Sydney Toy and Games Expo 2012


See It! Play It! Own It! 

This Queens Birthday long weekend (9-11 June) take the family and your game group down to the Sydney Showground for the 2012 Toy and Game Expo here in Sydney!

“Why?”  you ask?

Newest Releases: See and play the freshest games straight from the presses.

Largest Public Game Library in  Australia: Play what you want with who you want!
Special Deals: Hot prices and exclusives during the weekend! Bag those games you want on the cheap.

Fun for everyone!: Whether you love toys or you love games, the Toy and Game Expo has you covered.

Throw down in Settlers of Catan or play in the NERF firing range! Check out Australian designed games, meet the designers and tap into that creativity. Or swing by the Games Paradise stall and pick up a bargain and chat about how you pulled off that killer win playing Game of Thrones. Also did somebody say My Little Pony Play Pit ?!

Check out the Expo on their website
Retweet their Twitter: @toyandgameexpo or #TAG12
Like their Facebook:

*TICKETS ON SALE NOW! Pick up your entry into a world of toys and games today! Continue reading

22/100 Games in 100 Days: Cyclades

It was around 8:00 when our small game group decided we wanted to finish the night with one last hurrah.
We muddled around and flicked through a bunch of games. Our last choice (Evo) took quite a while and left us to choose something a little bit fun and light.



Bidding! Creatures! Doods on the map!

Triremes made a splash and suddenly we were off. Early aggression and control of Ares gives you easy Island control but it was plain to see that Zeus was the key to the game. Priests were flowing and suddenly 12 Drachmas on the feet of Poseidon was no big deal. Mythological creatures were flying out as if they were going out of fashion.
one sat on one.The game started to slip away from me once I was out played on every bid on Zeus and it left me at a meager no metropoli while every

The bank of Apollo saved the day with one final massive bid on Athena which not just built a Metropolis filled with nerds but a Half Chimera Half pegasus Hybrid for the win.


Score one for the Badguys!

Anyone checked out the expansion?
What do you think about it?

Till Tomorrow!
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Go check em out!


21/100 Games in 100 Days: Ares Project

I felt that this game just did not get enough credit.
Such a faithful recreation of the Starcraft meta in a boardgame format.
Perfect for 1v1 and slow but playable for anything else.

Ares Project deals with that whole integration between units, strategy and time that all RTS’s try to deal with.
As a boardgame it is a sublime mix of tension and strategy. A hidden race of whether or not you can beat your opponent in a fight.

Then suddenly it sort of disappeared of the map and it is hard to find any one that is willing to play that extreme confrontational 1v1 aspect of the game.

Pity… It does have an amazing place in my collection.

Definitely a favorite in 2011.

Till Tomorrow!

Remember pics up on Tumblr and Facebook


20/100 Games in 100 Days: Cosmic Encounter

After an amazing Storm of Souls Event day which saw stacks of games being played, most of all Ascension Storm of Souls.
That game was pretty fun. I mean how much strategy did the game contain.
Most of it was tactics which is fine but it certainly scratches a different itch compared too Dominion.

Last night we brought home some wine and friends and tangoed in the starred ring known as Cosmic Encounter.
Known pretty much as a fierce and crazy dudes on an abstracted map game, one of its big appeals its its huge catalogue of playable races with remarkably different powers.

Now I have played Cosmic Encounter before and had a terrible time playing it. Hopefully this game would change my mind.

But once we dealt out the races it was stop go stop go from there.
Only in the final hours once we had a groove how did we find how interesting and utterly crazy the game was.

Way meatier than it should be and I would rather play Rex for my space fix.

Till tomorrow!

Pics up on Tumblr and Facebook!

19/100 Games in 100 Days: World of Warcraft Trading Card Game

I love playing trading card games.
They always sate the completionist in me and I love that gameplay that Magic the Gathering brings to the table.

World of Warcraft TCG sort of turned me off because of the theme.
I am wary of tie ins and as an (previously) avid WoW player it sort of
felt weird for the IP to be transferred to a different medium.

The game plays like magic.
Two players walk in and one walks out.
No clunky land system. Any cards act like land (I like to think of them as XP)and its you and your allies and swords and shields vs their tableau.

Suddenly it is on and both of you are scrabbling for advantage.

Also Loot!
I was relieved to find out it played well. Alot more aggressive than Magic the Gathering and heaps of decisions to make every turn.

It really adds that step up to Magic I was looking for that The Spoils also filled.

And A Game of Thrones
And L5R
And Call of Cthulhu

Maybe Warhammer Invasion?

Till Tomorrow!
Tumblr: and Facebooks has pics!


18/100 Games in 100 Days: Incan Gold

My game group had a problem.

7 Wonders.

It was just too good. Too fun. So fun that in 6+ gatherings we play 7 Wonders again and again.

Then Incan Gold appeared like a gleaming artifact in the strewn rubble.

Push your luck and that tense moment of wondering will everyone run. This is akin to gambling but the only thing you will lose is face when you chicken out before a big payday.

I love the little tents that hide your gems from your friends and the artifacts create many “oh god…NO!” moments.
Enjoy your two gems chumps!

Also gems as points are amazing. You can fiddle with them and it feels like you have a treasure trove of loot.

Till Tomorrow!

Pics are up on Tumblr and Facebook!

17/100 Games in 100 Days: Discworld Ankh-Morpork

Beautiful looking game. Gorgeous art and all the pieces just ooze with theme.
But I could only guess that.

Never read the books but the game sure looks nice!
Did it play nice?

I couldn’t even tell if Martin Wallace created this game.
So random and so crazy.
Area control Talisman.

And all with the Discworld theme.
If the books were chaotic and swingy then this would be a perfect adaptation. A great way to spend 30 mins without thinking too much aside from ‘Dont get hit by the dragon’ and how do I screw my opponents over.

Till tomorrow!

Pics up on Facebook and Tumblr!


Winner of the Ascension Draw!

Someone had to win this Ascension prize pack.
After drawing a portent from the fabled Hat of Souls we found an obscure text…


Congratulations in winning this uplifting Ascension Prize Pack which contains Chronicles of the Godslayer, Return of the Fallen and the all new Storm of Souls.

The sale still continues till the end of the month so pick up Soul of Storms and Ascension Chronicles of the Godslayer while it is hot.

The Storm of Souls event day draws near!
Find out more about this fun day of games and games here:

16/100 Games in 100 Days: Risk Legacy

Been a bit lax last week with a bit of work piling up but not this weekend.
Smashed out games of
7 Wonders(Base no expansions)
King of Tokyo (Fun with monsters)
Game of Thrones 2nd ed (The only game to play)

And Risk Legacy! So hyped for it. Grabbed 4 other usual suspects and threw the game down.
Never felt tingles opening a game before. Once you open that seal it was on.

Winning is the best feeling ever. Being able to scar the board with your name and to create a city founded on your skill alone is an amazing feeling.

The games go really fast at the start but I think it’s because everybody starts with 1 extra VP. It really acts sort of diplomacy light as you have to convince everyone not to hit you: while you hit them.
But wow. Just innovation max. This has really rejuvenated what I believed about the board games industry that there is still innovation there. Unlike the staid video game industry: board games are really pushing the high frontiers.

Expect mini Legacy updates after different games as the days go by as I try to fit the games in!

Till Tomorrow!

Remember pics are up on Tumblr and Facebook!


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