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18/100 Games in 100 Days: Incan Gold

My game group had a problem.

7 Wonders.

It was just too good. Too fun. So fun that in 6+ gatherings we play 7 Wonders again and again.

Then Incan Gold appeared like a gleaming artifact in the strewn rubble.

Push your luck and that tense moment of wondering will everyone run. This is akin to gambling but the only thing you will lose is face when you chicken out before a big payday.

I love the little tents that hide your gems from your friends and the artifacts create many “oh god…NO!” moments.
Enjoy your two gems chumps!

Also gems as points are amazing. You can fiddle with them and it feels like you have a treasure trove of loot.

Till Tomorrow!

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17/100 Games in 100 Days: Discworld Ankh-Morpork

Beautiful looking game. Gorgeous art and all the pieces just ooze with theme.
But I could only guess that.

Never read the books but the game sure looks nice!
Did it play nice?

I couldn’t even tell if Martin Wallace created this game.
So random and so crazy.
Area control Talisman.

And all with the Discworld theme.
If the books were chaotic and swingy then this would be a perfect adaptation. A great way to spend 30 mins without thinking too much aside from ‘Dont get hit by the dragon’ and how do I screw my opponents over.

Till tomorrow!

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Winner of the Ascension Draw!

Someone had to win this Ascension prize pack.
After drawing a portent from the fabled Hat of Souls we found an obscure text…


Congratulations in winning this uplifting Ascension Prize Pack which contains Chronicles of the Godslayer, Return of the Fallen and the all new Storm of Souls.

The sale still continues till the end of the month so pick up Soul of Storms and Ascension Chronicles of the Godslayer while it is hot.

The Storm of Souls event day draws near!
Find out more about this fun day of games and games here:

16/100 Games in 100 Days: Risk Legacy

Been a bit lax last week with a bit of work piling up but not this weekend.
Smashed out games of
7 Wonders(Base no expansions)
King of Tokyo (Fun with monsters)
Game of Thrones 2nd ed (The only game to play)

And Risk Legacy! So hyped for it. Grabbed 4 other usual suspects and threw the game down.
Never felt tingles opening a game before. Once you open that seal it was on.

Winning is the best feeling ever. Being able to scar the board with your name and to create a city founded on your skill alone is an amazing feeling.

The games go really fast at the start but I think it’s because everybody starts with 1 extra VP. It really acts sort of diplomacy light as you have to convince everyone not to hit you: while you hit them.
But wow. Just innovation max. This has really rejuvenated what I believed about the board games industry that there is still innovation there. Unlike the staid video game industry: board games are really pushing the high frontiers.

Expect mini Legacy updates after different games as the days go by as I try to fit the games in!

Till Tomorrow!

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15/100 Games in 100 Days: Hey! Thats my fish!

What a week.

Risk Legacy was released in Australia and I picked up two copies.
One to enshrine and the other to other to ravage with the fortunes of war.

Was running out of quick games to play after work which was small enough to carry while we started to move house. I took a look at my collection to find a small petite box staring back at me.

Penguins? FFG cashing in on the Happy Feet crowd?

More like vicious brawl on the fjords (or where ever penguins live).

This is a cruel allegory of what environmental overfishing really is.
We received all the points but our metaphorical penguins are adrift in the ocean.

But what a fun game. Really quick and light and can feel almost chess like. Definitely going to play this again with more people (4). Though at three people it took teamwork to really screw someone over.

Don’t play if you are faint of heart!


Till tomorrow

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13/100 Games in 100 Days: Blokus Duo

Typing this with white paint all over my fingers. Probably not good for a new laptop :S

While the paint to my new apartment dried, we played a quick game of Blokus Duo. By that I mean like 4 games. It was way faster than chess and it felt like every turn was a lot of mental gymnastics.

It begged the question…

Is there strategy in the game?

I am still in that stage where I am trying to work out all the nuances and there is still that feeling of discovery. I feel like a conquistador of configuration.

Wheel that spruiky thing!

Does the lack of theme annoy any one? Could they have pasted on knights or merchants or something?

I still dread customers asking me if ‘This is Tetris’.

P.s Played way more Anomia: It gets pretty tense. Tell people to play with hands behind their backs.

Till Tomorrow!



10-11/100 Games in 100 Days: Ticket to Ride and Anomia

Whoever told me this game was for beginners was lying through their dirty rail baron teeth. This is as cut-throat of a game as Game of Thrones 2nd edition, and that’s saying alot.

At first we were all making little routes like friendly social workers; only to devolve into rail hungry capitalists as the board filled up.

Ticket to Ride reminds me of Kingdom Builder: primarily because I played Kingdom Builder first. It looks easy when it starts off but then it starts to suck you in with its depth.

It’s no Caylus but it can boost your kids colour hungry ambitions.


11/100 Games in 100 Days: Anomia

might not be heard of but I played a quick game of Anomia with my sisters last night. I now have a reason to throw out fast card games like Uno.

Anomia is like Snap…EXCEPT using your MIND!


Such a fast paced game that feels like you are using all of your brain.

It hurts just thinking about it >_<!

Till tomorrow

Remember pics are up on Tumblr and Facebook!


8/100 Games in 100 Days: RA

I don’t like bidding games.
I’m just not good at it.

After one (5) bad game(s) of Powergrid (Strozzi, Modern Art) I never had a big intrest in the mechanic.

Until Ra.


Tense, fun, exciting with a little bit of bid.
There is that huge rush when you are the last person.
Will that be a disaster? Or is it that flood I need?

The game was so much fun. I threw down quick and early and grabbed a substatial pharoah lead I did not relinquish the entire game. It really is about reading the other people and seeing how much will they have.

Other games I played was Troyes, Kingdom Builder x 3 and 90% of Alien frontier which should be getting another printing any time soon.



7/100 Games in 100 Days: Dominion

Conventions are so tiring.
I don’t know how you gamers do it.
18 hours gaming, then going back to the apartment for 8 player Twilight Imperium, that takes alot of moxie.
I did not nearly have enough mana: stayed in the sidelines and watched the space opera unfold.

Things I hate about Cancon: saying I can’t play a game even though I really want too. Had a few offers from friend to play, even a teaching game of Twilight Struggle!! : (

After working for 9 Hours kicked back and waited for the midnight release for a game which must not be named.

And played a game a bunch of games in between. The highlight was a game of Dominion. Gold was flying everywhere and villages were cycling. The game was every bit of fun as it always was except I still hate villages.

Oh and dat chapel.

Chapel hard and chapel fast. I won but I felt i left some newer people behind.

Watched a person unfold an amazing collection which you can check out in my tumblr

Till Tomorrow


5/100 Games in 100 Days: The Settlers of Catan

It started with Settlers.
I asked for wood. I received sheep.
Robbed. Counted Dots. Traded. (then) Monopoly’d

Cities. Knights. Seafarers. Spacefarers?

I moved on.

Today I decided to look back.

What I saw was this











I hate people and I hate robbers…

It was still fun to revisit THE classic.

Did I remember why Settlers was so fun?
It was fresh

Maybe not so anymore. After playing different games, play starts to smell pretty stale but revisiting Settlers got me remembering what it was like to find something new.
Something surprising and delightful
Something that screamed “Slow down son, put down those UNO cards, sit down and think a little”

Then Mayfair packaged it with little roads and houses.

Till tomorrow


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