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Pathfinding & Commanding is How You Roll

What’s New

Stacks of new games as we gear up for Christmas!

New Queen game Lost Legends – drafting action mixed with semi cooperative themes. The rules reminds of 7 Wonders and Cutthroat Cavern to create an experience where you need everyone’s help but don’t want anyone to steal the kill.

Munchkin Pathfinder for all you role players out there. I’m sure that it adds heaps of roleplaying jokes not already covered by 8 Munchkin expansions.

Dungeon Roll is a nice new small game. It plays fast and it has that cool mix of management and push your luck. I love the fast gameplay too so it really fits that niche of 10 minutes do something gameplay.

Magic Commander 2013

Talking about massive release before Christmas is the huge Magic supplement of the summer.
The Commander sets have always been pretty massive releases and this will prove to be no different.
These sets tend to have a bunch of unique cards and awesome multiplayer madness. These supplements have included the unique cards like Scavenging Ooze and the sick Shardless Agent.

Be sure to check em out here, here, here, here and here.

What we are playing!

Lost Legends is a pretty amazing game. Having stacks of fun exploring that game play which is the best part of stabbing people in the back and drafting ( My fav mechanic)

I Think I Can… I Think I Can…I Thi-

We have new game and cool board gaming happenings in Sydney this week!

Roleplaying Art Piece in Sydney 

Installed in Central station is a new and revolutionary art piece ‘I Think I Can’. Produced by Art and About Sydney, the piece allows people to directly influence the happenings of the sleepy village of Springfield. People are invited to complete a personality test and are given an avatar to interact with the town.Given the role of the art critic I proceeded to slam down an up and coming graffiti artist before wandering the town and appraising the performance piece which is life.

This installation will be up until the 6th of October so check it out when you can!

What’s New? 

Theros! That is all.Wave 3 X – Wing Expansions are coming in though we only have B-Wing in stock right now. They are proving to be super popular and like all the other expansions our stock of this product runs out fast.

People seem to be loving islands with the new game Castaway. This is a quick co-operative game but has semi co-operative elements making it tonnes better than a co-op.

Obligatory AEG cash in for Smash Up is the Obligatory Cthulhu Expansion. Sure to be a cult classic this expansions ensures everyone to be fighting each other in the game and out of the game to control the Cthulhoid faction. How meta!

What did we play?

Theros! That is all

Had tonnes of fun during the Theros Pre-release. Managed to play three times including the soul crushing midnight prerelease and did very well for all three.

This set looks amazing fun and a semi flavour win. Krakens and Greek mythos is what games are about. The Heroic mechanic is awesome and creates a huge title fight which is mad.

Loving this new set and will look fun to draft and eventually make me broke.


Toy and Game Expo this weekend!

Toy and Game Expo this weekend! Great games, sales and check out new product! There are going to be stacks of new things to check out and do at the Toy and Game Expo. 
Things to check out:

Stacks of fresh new board games to pick up.
Check out the game library and demo tables for a go at the newest releases.
Compete in board game championships and the chess tournament.
Also see the newest and best in toys. Also shoot your friends with Nerf stuff!

Personally I will be hovering around Terra Mystica and trying to steal a copy.

New Loot

New Force Pack for Star Wars LCG – A Dark Time and Data Pack – Future Proof for Netrunner

Tammany problems but Tammany Hall ain’t one.

Expansion for the surprise dice drafting game: Seasons – Enchanted Kingdoms

Arctic Scavengers: pretty much the first deck building game. Unless you want to fight about Starcraft the Board game.

Magic the Gathering Dragon’s Maze  Intro Pack and sole event deck. Which has a weird dual land there. 

What we played?

Netrunner Regionals were all over the last month. I have managed to win one and looking to win a second regionals. It is pretty much my favorite card game at this point. I love the interplay between runner and corp an entire game revolving around hidden information is way cool.

Also Cyberpunk. CYBERPUNK!

Lastly Glory to Rome is still a favorite of my gaming group however the timing in the game is weird. Probably need to find a way to win faster with different strategies instead of the game durdling out.

Settlers of Catan Explorers and Pirates!

Preorder’s and Restock
Catan Explorers and Pirates is out this week! All preorders should be leaving Monday and Tuesday!
Restocks of Star Wars X Wing Miniatures and Cool Mini or Not products round out the week.

What’s New?
For all you dead heads: Zombicide Walk of the Dead Zombie Pack to reinvigorate that horde.

Steampulp lovers can tango with the Race to Adventure – The Spirit of the Century Game

From Plaid Hat Games we have an all new area control game : City of Remnants 

Finally new Datapacks for Netrunner and Star Wars are in. That is Humanity’s Shadow and the Search for Skywalker.


Magic The Gathering Modern Masters 

We are only getting in a limited number of Modern Masters Booster Boxes. Preorders are pretty important if you are looking forward to securing this limited print run set of Modern format staples.

I for one welcome our new Tarmogoyf overlords.

TAG13, Dragon’s Maze and New Games

Toy and Games Expo 2013

Toy and Game Expo season is upon us! Save the date for the Queens Birthday Long Weekend for an entire weekend of gaming and crazy goodness. Tickets are on sale now and are at 25% off for a limited time only!

Big draws for TAG is the gaming, sales and all the cool exhibits. I will definitely be there ready to try all the newest and funnest games.

Dragon’s Maze

Last weekend was the Dragon’s Maze Prerelease for Magic the Gathering. Selesnya all the way! All the cards look real amazing to draft which is my format of choice. I can’t wait to try DM/GTC/RTR. Came 4th in my flight with a powerful Selesnya/Orzhov mix lead by my BFF Obzedat, Council of Ghosts!
Sick thing I saw : 18 damage from a Flesh and Blood Teysa which pretty much went all the way. 18 life is the new red zone.

New Games just in!

Zombies X for all you zombie fanatics.  

New Yu Gi Oh! Hidden Arsenal 7 for all you duelists.

Dungeon’s and Dragons 3.5 Premium Spell Compendium for all those nostalgic for better times

Strangely a Caverns of Time raid deck when the game is already in the Mists of Panderia.

Words with Friends which is a board game based on an app based on another board game.

Munchkin Penny Arcade in light of Penny Arcade EXPO which will be all over Melbourne in a few short months.

Other News.

The Friday Frenzy is back after a long hiatus and is here to stay.

Next Tabletop product is X – Wing the miniatures game. We are restocking the expansions for that product late next week so keep an eye out for them.

Mice and Munchkin

Pseudo Role-playing Games are in fashion this November with restocks of old favourites and the gleam of the new.


What’s New ?
Mice and Mystics is a hotly anticipated title. This one mixes the goodness of fun role play with rodents and dungeon crawl experience. We all know Plaid Hat’s penchant for quality so this title is sure to make waves.Straight from HBO we have Spartacus – Blood in the Sand. Strangely this is an indepth strategy game despite the frontage of a cheap tie in. It seems people are realizing that television IP’s mixed with a good game really delivers to the audience; GameofThrones *cough*.
Tsuro of the Seas and new Mansions of Madness Expansions are in stock as well.

What’s Restocked?

Munchkin Deluxe is back in stock. Be sure to pick them up because they run out of stock fast.

Magic the Gathering Archenemy is back in stock in VERY limited quantity. Be sure to bring your best bond villain voice with your copy of Archenemy. Never have said the word DOOM so many times as in an Archenemy game.

Finally Sentinels of the Multiverse, Virgin Queen and Space Empires 4x is back instock for all the people who missed out.

Summer Gaming/ Restocking

Sadly the era of the Friday Frenzy is over… for this year at least. We hope everybody managed to grab some savings and got to play alot of old and new games. We do expect some sort of Frenzy-esque event to happen next year so keep your eyes peeled.



We had a million

Survive Escape From Atlantis
Carcassonne Big Box
Zombie Dice
Dust Tactics
Super Dungeon Explore
Dungeons and Dragons – Dungeon Tile Set

and many more…

The new Loot

New Magic the Gathering Event Decks are in stock now. Expect some high powered cards like Vexing devil and Thragtusk in them. That should make
the lists quite valuable and a good stepping point to the zombies/Jund decks in the metagame.

Sydney Monopoly is in stock and is moving very fast. Expect alot of people to pick it up for Christmas.

Zombicide is there for all those people reeling from the The Walking Dead season finale.

Sentinel of the Multiverse Enchanced Edition is there for all the people waiting for some revamped Super Hero collab action.

What’s APPening? Game Lovers Sydney Loves Quarriors !

What’s New

Crazy start of the week.
We have Return to Ravnica Preorders at a really low price for one day only! Better snap up those dual lands amirite?
For those not wanting to commit to 6 hours of natural selections: Dominant Species the Card Game has spawned.
Straight from KickStarter is D-Day Dice, a great endeavour for budding wargame players.
FFG has Sewer Pirats and Dungeon Fighter out right now.

Also in are these cool new APPGEAR games. Strap them onto your iphone or tablet and download the free app to fully immerse yourself in the game. These games debuted at Comic- Con San Diego and was a hit with all the kids. It really shows how far touch screen platform games can go.

I am loving the creativity shown in this product and how cool is that ZombieBurbz game. Very Plants VS Zombies chic.

What We Played

Eclipse again. What a great game. This is probably due to Endless Space scratching my 4x game nerve. I still think Twilight Imperium is a better game (all the flavours of a rainbow) but I don’t have the time commitment usually.
Magic the Gathering Magic 2013 Draft. Been forcing alot of  Exalted b/w offerings lately. Even taking substandard exalted guys over premium cards. Hot tip from me is Safe Passage is not just  a fog but a legitimate card. Play around it and draft it late when you can as alot of people underrate it.
Also building my Call of Cthulhu Cube. Tired of having a stack of cards that no one plays, so creating a cube of this game  creates a quick entry point for the game system.

Game Lovers  Loves Quarriors

Trying out one of the freshest concepts for the deck building genre, Game Lovers Sydney picks up Quarriors and rolls with it. If you are interested in checking out Game Lovers Sydney, catch them here:

John Dewhurst

As a newcomer to Quarriors, I really enjoyed the chaos of it all. Alliteration, flashy cartoon artwork, interaction, uncertainty of the deck building and the dice(!): it’s a busy, exciting game. Quarriors needs to move along to keep the excitement up, so familiarity with deck-building will certainly help since there is a moderate learning curve – particularly in choice of spell and creature abilities. I feel like Quarriors would shine on a table that knows the game well, but doesn’t take it too seriously. This is certainly the lighter end of deck-building, as your best laid plans just won’t pan out some the time. Quarriors is a fast-paced, quick romp and I look forward to playing it again.

John Rotenstein

“Dominion with Dice”

A lot of work has gone into this game, but it’s hard to avoid thinking of it as Dominion played with dice. You spend points to build your “dice deck”, then get dice that build a bit of an “engine” to get more dice, then use attack cards to win points. While the game is very different, the mechanism feels disturbingly familiar.

As with all such games, it takes a while to read the particular capabilities of each dice. Once people are familiar with the game, it would play a lot faster than our initial game. Players would also soon learn the best dice combinations to make a winning deck, err, I mean “dice bag”.

It’s quite fun rolling dice, then collecting them to see what can be played. During our game, there was plenty of table-talk, with other players recommending actions and purchases. This made the game more enjoyable than merely attacking opponents and scoring points.

The game is packaged nicely in a large, dice-shaped box. Getting 130 dice is fantastic — they feel more “real” than getting cardboard in a box. Bags for the dice are colour-coded to simplify scoring, but we did find the bags a bit small for reaching in to collect dice.

The gameplay took a bit of time to understand, but would be familiar to players of Magic-style “deck attack” games. If anything, the game seemed to end a little too quickly, just as some people had built up a powerful set of dice. Perhaps more experienced players would be more aggressive in play, limiting the scoring opportunities and thereby lengthening the game.

If you like dice, you’ll like this game. After all, it’s good to escape cards and cardboard sometimes!


Michael Christie

Quarriors is a “dice battle” game, where 2-4 players draft armies of custom six-sided dice, and battle each other’s army for glory.  The game comes with lots of colourful tiny dice in a compact tin box.  The dice have various values on each side for attack strength, defence, energy cost, and special abilities like re-rolling other dice, or adding more dice to your army.
At the start of a player’s turn, they get Glory Points for any dice still in their army after the other players’ attacks, then roll a handful of six dice to add to their army, as long as some of the dice come up with enough energy results to pay for the additions to their army.  Each game features a random selection of creatures to draft into your army, and spells to boost them, so there is plenty of variation in the game.  Strategy in the game is not about collecting all the dice, it’s about combining a limited selection of dice as effectively as possible, so it is more complex than games like Yahtzee, but still only takes 30-45 minutes to play.  Due to the tactical element and the Pokemon-like theme, it’s probably best suited for tweens and teenagers.



Game Lovers Sydney Meets Escape From Atlantis

What is new?

FFG is releasing a new game which looks like Talisman but only takes 40 000 years to play. Relic stands to be a new game that will push the Talisman mechanic to new frontiers. Also I am loving this all new ‘busty figurines’ FFG is making ala Sky Traders. 

Axis and Allies 1942 and Warhammer 40K 6th edition rulebook for all you war gamers out there.

Magic the Gathering M13 Event Decks  which are slated to be released next week. Great to go with a Fat Pack and with the large amount of chase cards, are really good value.

Scene It? Comedy Movies edition has scenes from Airplane and 30 Rock, making it pretty much the best party game ever.

Lastly Descent 2nd edition conversion kits to transform your gigantic Descent plethora into a sexy new Descent 2nd Edition plethora.  With more Ettins and Goblin Archers


Game Lovers : Survive Escape from Atlantis 

Love boardgames? Meet the Game Lovers, a regular meet up that loves to throw down the iron meeple and play some games. This week we threw them Quarriors to see what they thought of it.
You can check them out here: and don’t be afraid to get your game on.



John Rotenstein



“Nice to look at, but somehow unsatisfying”


I’m always on the lookout for games that children can play, while also being enjoyable for adults. This game seems to be good for children, but left me unsatisfied as an adult. It looks attractive and moves along at a decent pace, but in the end seems to rely a bit too much on luck.


On the positive side, it has some fun gameplay. When your explorers fall into the water and have to swim to safety, you genuinely feel panicked. When the shark follows and eats them, you feel authentically dejected. And when you manage to get some of them safely to shore, you feel justifiably elated.


Don’t be fooled, however, with the visual similarity to the popular co-operative game Forbidden Island. At its heart, Survive is a “dog eat dog” world where you toss your opponents in the water and send forth sea creatures to finish them off. You’ll spend at least as much time destroying their chances as improving your own. Competitive children may enjoy this aspect, but sensitive children may feel upset thinking that they are being personally targeted with attack moves.


From a strategy standpoint, it seems that starting position is all-important. You need to get your explorers to safety before too many sharks, whales and sea serpents appear. After that, it’s just a matter of hoping you’ll pick up useful tiles or rolling lucky attack moves. Strategy seems to disappear as fast as the island.


The multi-step nature of each turn was also difficult to remember. Play a tile, move pieces, flip a tile, roll the dice. It didn’t flow that easily — we had to keep reminding each other of the next action.


So, I’m in two minds about this game. One the one hand, it seems like a fun “get off the island adventure”. But in the end, I just didn’t feel I had enough control to make it a satisfying game. Mind you, Deb won twice and she quite likes the game!




Michael Christie


Survive: Escape from Atlantis!

This is a beautifully produced competitive game for 2-4 players, which takes about 45 minutes to play. Each player has a team of explorers beginning the game on the sinking island of Atlantis, which is “built” out of hexagonal tiles at the start of the game.  Each explorer token has a value from 1-6 on the underside, and the value represents the points gained from getting that explorer safely off the island.

Explorers can find and use boats to travel faster than if they were swimming.  However, there are various dangers to avoid, such as sharks (that eat swimmers), whales (that destroy boats), and sea serpents (dangerous to boats and swimmers!).  On each turn, players move their explorers towards safe zones, then get to move a threat towards other players’ explorers.  Meanwhile, the island sinks tile by tile, causing special random events until the volcano tile is uncovered, ending the game.  Then players reveal the value of the explorers they saved, and the player with the most points is the winner.

Strategy for the game mostly extends to the early stages, particularly where you place your team in relation to the starting position of boats.  After about half the island has sunk, the situation becomes more chess-like, trying to save the stragglers.

As mentioned, the game’s presentation is beautiful, with wooden tokens representing explorers, boats, sharks, whales and sea serpents, and colourful hexagonal tiles for the island.  The rules are concise and specific, although perhaps quick reference sheets identifying basic moves and event descriptions would be handy for new players.  Survive: Escape from Atlantis! is a great family game.

Nazgul Planeschasing Runelord Nomads

What is New?

For preorders we are putting their prices on sale. What does that mean for you guys? Cheaper games if you grab a preorder before
the prices change when the product comes into stock.


WizKids Lord of the Rings Nazgul: Coming out next week

Paizo Pathfinder Battles Rise of the Runelords: Coming out soon

New Stuff!

Terraclips: Too make warzones and skirmish areas with!

Magic the Gathering Planeschase 2012 Decks:  Jump in and change the way you play magic and get a glimpse of all the different worlds.

Kingdom Builder Nomads expansion: It adds heaps more stuff for Kingdom Builder which looks like a sure fire candidate for the illustrious
Spiel Des Jahres!


What we played

This week was pretty busy so I didn’t get to hunker down and play too many games.

Most interesting was Merchants and Marauders which is becoming a favourite but it is a hefty game to play especially if you were looking to only play for a short amount of time.
Mind you the entire game my pseudonym proceeded to achieve nothing and sink/drown from port to port. Only in the last turn of the game did I rally and marched from zero points to 4 in a ship slaying swathe across the Caribbean.

Looking forward to the weekend for some games of Race for the Galaxy and Here I Stand!
I love Race which was making strides as a tableau builder before newer games like Innovation emerged. The deckbuilder craze started and amazing card games like Race for the Galaxy disappeared to make room for the new mechanic. Still an amazing game to play and with a new expansion coming out, now is a good time to check on this old classic.

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