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All About Living Card Games

Introduced by Fantasy Flight Games  all the way back in 2008, the Living Card Game (LCG) model of distribution is an innovative alternative to the widespread collectible card game model.  Anyone who has played Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh or Pokemon will know the sting that competitive play can bring to your wallet, as you try and track down those rare competitive cards whose prices make money strapped gamers sad. The LCG model was the answer to this, beginning with A Game of Thrones and Call of Cthulhu back in 2008, with many more games joining the fixed distribution model later on.

For those who don’t know what the main draw of an LCG is, it’s quite simple; no random packs. Before you purchase a product, you know exactly what you’re going to get. No more chasing down those money cards and forking out ludicrous amounts of money just for the right to compete. Just work out which pack the cards you want are from and grab that. Or just grab everything; keeping up with an LCG is really not an expensive venture, and they combine excellent gameplay with their lowered barriers to entry to create a healthy and thriving scene.

If you’re not sure which LCG is for you, then you’ve come to the right place; I’ll be looking at each LCG that is currently in print and still continuing to release product (as well as one upcoming one), giving a brief rundown on my own thoughts on the game, as well as a quick recommendation on who I believe it’s suitable for. Note that this article doesn’t cover the LCG-like games of other companies (Doomtown: Reloaded and VS2PCG come to mind), but only those offered by Fantasy Flight Games.

I’m going to use the generic terms “Pack” and “Deluxe” to represent the smaller sixty card expansions (well, three times twenty different card) and the larger box expansions respectively. They are called different things depending on the game, but for the sake of simplicity, I will be using these two terms instead. If you’re thinking about getting into the LCG, click on the title just before their respective sections. Without further ado, let’s get into it, starting with:

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (2011)

The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game

Lord of the Rings is an interesting product in that whilst it has been out the longest and has far and away the most product available for it (currently 33 Packs and 12 deluxe expansions), it is also the game that has the lowest barrier to entry, a virtue of the fact that the game is entirely co-operative. You need not be concerned with needing everything; you can grab everything at your own pace and slowly discover the game. In fact, the Core Set itself contains so many powerful cards that with the Core Set and even just a handful of packs, you can build decks to take on any adventure.

The game has really ramped up in the last few years. I found the initial quests in the early cycles to be a bit lacking, but the last three cycles have been absolutely amazing, as have the Fellowship adventures, which allow for a campaign mode as well. And boy oh boy have the quests gotten harder; even with well tailored decks and experienced players, the game is very difficult, just as a co-op game should be.

A great option for solo-play and even as a pseudo board game on its own, Lord of the Rings is definitely worth a look into if you’re looking for a readily expandable cooperative experience that’s thematic, challenging and innovative. Probably one of the further advantages of the game is that even if your area lacks a playgroup, you’re still able to enjoy all of the game by yourself, or even with friends; you don’t need a community for the game to be at its best. A good entry point would be two Core Sets and some of the Fellowship deluxes, Alternatively, one cycle of six packs plus the deluxe to go with it can replace the Fellowship deluxes. An important thing to note is that each cycle is tied to a deluxe, thus you’re better off not buying random packs without the corresponding deluxe. As far as cycles go, I was a huge fan of the Land of Shadow, and am really liking the interesting direction the designers have taken with the Grey Havens, so either of those would make for awesome places to begin your adventures in Middle-Earth.

Android: Netrunner (2012)

Android: Netrunner

I will freely admit that Netrunner is one of the few LCGs I haven’t had much experience with. An asymmetric card game set in a cyberpunk world, one player plays as the hacker trying to bypass all of the traps and blockades set up by the corp played by the other. It’s certainly a very unique game, forgoing much of the standard spend resources, play character of other games and replacing it with a game full of risk management, bluffing and constant tension. Sure, cards still cost money, but the main driving force of the game is action and risk management.

Netrunner has easily seen the most success out of all the LCGs, with hundreds of players turning up for its largest events.  Now many cycles in, the game is very deep and deck possibilities are vast and varied. That, however, comes at a cost, and the entry point at the moment is intimidating. In my own experiences, it’s the type of game that you have to make your main game to truly enjoy it;  the hidden knowledge component of the game means that not being up to date with the cards is going to cost you even more than in other games, and the risk management/math heavy nature of the game means that in order to get the most out of Netrunner, you have to invest yourself in it,

Thankfully, the community resources are far and away the most expansive of the LCGs, and you will likely have no issue finding tournaments or competitive-minded players to play against. I would recommend Netrunner to the competitive card gamer looking for something to throw themselves into, but definitely not for those looking to just dabble and play for fun; to me, the game just doesn’t quite do casual well, and shines brightest in the heat of competition.

Star Wars: The Card Game (2012)

Star Wars: The Card Game

Yet another asymmetric game, though not quite to the extent of NetrunnerStar Wars: The Card Game  has had a bit of a tumultuous history. After an excellent and interesting core set, the first cycle was rather weak, and that coupled with delays meant that many became disillusioned with it. As a point of comparison, Star Wars and Netrunner were released in the same year, but Star Wars is seven packs behind! This means that it’s much more difficult to find a tournament for Star Wars.

That said, the game is not without fantastic mechanics that, again, got much better as time went on (the second cycle was magnificent). If you’re a true fan of the license, you can have a lot of fun with this game, and there are a whole heap of viable options for deckbuilding at a casual, fun level. There is a bit of a thematic disconnect which a lot of people have taken issue with (an X-Wing blasting down Darth Vader, or the Executor being poked by Ewoks for example) but with two core sets and two Edge of Darkness expansion packs, a lot of fun can be had. It pains me that I can’t recommend this higher, given how interesting the game play is (really, if you like game design, try play a game of it) and how much I like the license, but you can’t win ’em all.

Warhammer 40000: Conquest (2014)

Warhammer 40,000: Conquest

Speaking of excellent game design, the LCGs continue to deliver with Eric Lang’s Warhammer 40000: Conquest. Much like Netrunner, Conquest really lends itself to tournament play above anything else; you can certainly play the factions you like, but due to the super tight game play, not playing with competitive options means you’re going to get crushed quickly. With a much more spacial aspect than the other LCGs (fitting given the license) and the extremely innovative and well thought out simultaneous decision making mechanic, Warhammer 40000: Conquest has a lot going for it gameplay-wise for a start.

What’s more, on top of the strong license, great gameplay  and fantastic artwork is the relatively low price point of the game at the moment. With only two deluxes and thirteen packs, you can have everything in the game for a relatively low entry point. Whilst recent developments on the game have been slow and it lacks the same consistent community which both Netrunner and the next game have in spades, you could do far worse as far as great, skill intensive competitive games go.

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition (2015)

A Game of Thrones: The Card Game

Wasting no time after ending First Edition, A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition (AGOT 2.0) is running pretty hot at the moment. If you’re a fan of the source material, you’ll find all of your favourite characters faithfully represented in AGOT 2.0, which currently has a heavy focus on these unique fan favourite characters going into various challenges against one another as you struggle for the Iron Throne. With a healthy mix of luck and skill, relatively simple mechanics, a healthy and steadily growing community and the fact that it’s currently FFG’s youngest LCG, AGOT 2.0 is definitely the game to get into at the moment if you’re on the fence about all the others (or you’re just a mega-fan of the series).

Much like Netrunner and ConquestAGOT 2.0 is primarily a competitive game. The first of two game modes, Joust is the more common of the two and is  a traditional one versus one affair. In addition, casual play is much more encouraged mechanically than in any other LCG, at least in my opinion. This is further exemplified by the wilder, more chaotic Melee format, where three to four players struggle for the throne, forging alliances only to break them off just as quickly. The melee option even works quite well as just a family board game on its own, making AGOT 2.0 one of the easier games to sample first before committing.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game (4th Quarter 2016-Early 2017)

The only LCG not yet released that we’ll be looking at today is the mysterious Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Not too much is known about this game yet, but early reports point towards a hybrid LCG/roleplaying experience unlike any other game on the market. I’m incredibly curious to see how much FFG has learned about making a cooperative LCG from Lord of the Rings, and if they can get it right from the beginning, the popular theme and innovative design space may prove to be a winner!

Whichever LCG you do end up choosing, I hope you have an amazing time with the diverse, thematic experiences awaiting you in each and every box. Fantasy Flight Games have done a wonderful job with the core of each of their card games, and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this innovative model of card games (there are two more upcoming LCGs, but they’ll have to wait for another article).

Being a Boss (Monster)

We have stacks of new games that has just come in; including some really cool expansions for popular games.

Whats new?

We have the long awaited deluxe expansion for Netrunner – Creation and Control. Expect to spend hours fiddling with all these new cards and proceed to ‘hack’ apart the competition.

Some really cool steam punk board game strangely called Planet Steam showing that a Euro made by FFG is not a blast of hot air.

The Inn expansion for The Village; a Spiel winner, is now out allowing you to see the rise and fall of your little clan meeples.

Anime inspired Channel A combines Cards against Humanity and a japanime theme which should be a pick up for anyone who has an otaklue.

and other gems which you can check out on our Facebook Gallery.

What we played?

Boss Monster is a quick romp having an awesome theme and 8 bit graphics to boot. People try to bait heroes into their
Titanium Wars is an awesome concept.dungeon but if your dungeon is too attractive you will get pieced apart by a whole bout of stronger champions. The game play is fast and fun though very luck driven so it makes out to be a solid filler.

Zogars Gaze… enough said.Players buy and send their ships to challenge for planets in a space opera free for all. Simultaneous purchasing mixed with a King of Tokyo stands to make Iello another hit game. There is a bit of upkeep and some of the rules are a bit fiddly but the game shows heaps of promise.

Toy and Game Expo this weekend!

Toy and Game Expo this weekend! Great games, sales and check out new product! There are going to be stacks of new things to check out and do at the Toy and Game Expo. 
Things to check out:

Stacks of fresh new board games to pick up.
Check out the game library and demo tables for a go at the newest releases.
Compete in board game championships and the chess tournament.
Also see the newest and best in toys. Also shoot your friends with Nerf stuff!

Personally I will be hovering around Terra Mystica and trying to steal a copy.

New Loot

New Force Pack for Star Wars LCG – A Dark Time and Data Pack – Future Proof for Netrunner

Tammany problems but Tammany Hall ain’t one.

Expansion for the surprise dice drafting game: Seasons – Enchanted Kingdoms

Arctic Scavengers: pretty much the first deck building game. Unless you want to fight about Starcraft the Board game.

Magic the Gathering Dragon’s Maze  Intro Pack and sole event deck. Which has a weird dual land there. 

What we played?

Netrunner Regionals were all over the last month. I have managed to win one and looking to win a second regionals. It is pretty much my favorite card game at this point. I love the interplay between runner and corp an entire game revolving around hidden information is way cool.

Also Cyberpunk. CYBERPUNK!

Lastly Glory to Rome is still a favorite of my gaming group however the timing in the game is weird. Probably need to find a way to win faster with different strategies instead of the game durdling out.

Settlers of Catan Explorers and Pirates!

Preorder’s and Restock
Catan Explorers and Pirates is out this week! All preorders should be leaving Monday and Tuesday!
Restocks of Star Wars X Wing Miniatures and Cool Mini or Not products round out the week.

What’s New?
For all you dead heads: Zombicide Walk of the Dead Zombie Pack to reinvigorate that horde.

Steampulp lovers can tango with the Race to Adventure – The Spirit of the Century Game

From Plaid Hat Games we have an all new area control game : City of Remnants 

Finally new Datapacks for Netrunner and Star Wars are in. That is Humanity’s Shadow and the Search for Skywalker.


Magic The Gathering Modern Masters 

We are only getting in a limited number of Modern Masters Booster Boxes. Preorders are pretty important if you are looking forward to securing this limited print run set of Modern format staples.

I for one welcome our new Tarmogoyf overlords.

No Resisting Monopoly

What’s New?

Need more gamer fuel? Sonic the Hedgehog and Street Fighter Collectors Edition Monopoly in stock! 
Update for Starcraft Risk: should be in next week so get ready for some mutaling action. This reminds me to play the actual Starcraft the Boardgame: Board game edition as it was a pretty cool and brutal 4X game.
Ugg – Tect! for head bonking action. This could be the party game of choice to the barbarically inclined.

New Yu Gi Oh Structure deck to change up the metagame. This one is the Realm of the Sea Emperor

What’s Back In?

Seasons and The Resistance is back In Stock so quickly snap those up before they disappear again.

What did we play?


Finally won my first game of War of the Ring. The fellowship was annihilated on the steps of Mordor, losing 3 members in the first three steps. In the last

turns it was all in on Rivendell but Frodo dropped his elven cloak on to slam dunk the possessed finery in sweet fashion.

Heaps more Return to Ravnica draft, it is easily one of the more intriguing drafts to play though this is coming from back to back core set and the much maligned Avacyn Restored draft.

Finally Netrunner, playing some ungodly ice destroying anarch brew. This game is quite hard to handle as it is completely different to every other card game out there. Haas Bioroid for a big ice corp deck seems to play very slow and steady.

How to Host a Murder of Mythic Proportions

Whats News?
Complete restock of the How to Host a Murder line. All the old favourites are back in stock and that includes the oldies and the goodies:

Class of ’54
Tragical Mystery Tour
Last Train from Paris 
The Great Chicago Caper

The last time I tried one of these it also came with cool recipes ( Roman Ruins) which ended up being surprisingly edible.

Also the Dexter Board Game and the Asmodee game Seasons was restocked.

Whats New?

Mythic Battles from Iello brings to the table two player card based combat, as does doppelganger Mage Wars. It probably comes down to which theme you enjoy, greek mythos vs MAGIC but it also boils down too whether or not you own a copy of Summoner Wars or Magic the Gathering.

Return to Ravnica has dropped. Had tons of fun with the prerelease and the set looks like an amazing limited coup as there are so many combat abilities. Fatpacks, Booster Boxes and Intro packs are in with event decks sure to follow up.

Last week all X – Wing games reported in with a full set of Expansions and the dice pack in large quantities. All preorders are out so enjoy recreating Yavin IV like Wedge while your opponent recreates it like Jek Porkins.

What we played

Netrunner. This is clearly one of the best duelling card game I have played for a long time. So many decisions, so many plays! It plays completely differently for Corp and Runner with a mad theme to boot. Made me rewatch RoboCop. All of them.

Also drafted Return to Ravnica and it was quite a hard draft. My Advice: Stay open early and pick up the solid 2-4th picks on colour pack 2. Signals are super IMPORTANT.

Netrunning Cities

Exciting couple of weeks with a lot of the newest and best in board gaming in stock!

Whats New?

Android – Netrunner makes its appearance this week and already the numbers buying it are strong. An amazing card game design from Richard Garfield could create tournament inroads for Fantasy Flight Games who are in the giant slaying position. Fantasy Flight Games is really getting into gear with the different LCG offerings, generally improving design from set to set.

7 Wonders – Cities has arrived today and pre-orders should be released on the Monday. This expansions adds only a few cards but heaps of gameplay options. One aspect I found weak in 7 Wonders (hard i know!!) was the shallow depth of cards which threw alot of strategy out in a 5-7 player game. More cards means more depth!

Millionaire Monopoly makes an appearance being a swifty and fast version of Monopoly where people just have to reach 1 Million dollars (In liquidity mind you not net worth).

Some news?

Sydcon is up in the October long weekend and really is the home of the most amazing RPG stories ever. Most of my spun tales of roleplaying comes from pick up games during Sydcon. Definitely do the Andersonville campaign if you get a chance.

What we played?  

My Glory to Rome Black Box edition just arrived so I can’t wait to try it out. Its not like I have a dearth of card based civilization building games (Innovation, Race for the Galaxy) but portable strategic games are such a premium.
Currently all aboard the hype train for magic the gathering. Return to Ravnica looks amazing to draft with lots and lots of combat mechanics. Azorius ho!
Neuroshima Hex this weekend, then maybe some Magic Draft. AMAZING!

Also Netrunnnneeerr!

*puts on corporate sell out suit on