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This weeks question…

In the article Blast From The Past, we speak of favorite games from the 60’s & 70’s. What’s your all time favorite game from this era?

The winner will be chosen by Games Paradise Australia on relevance, use of humour, style and content on August 30th 2010 and contacted by email by a Games Paradise Australia representative. This is a game of skill. Chance plays no part in determining the winner.

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Winner Announced 30th August 2010

This Weeks Winner is Jason Conlon

Parker Bros did a fantastic job of livening up the classic game of Chess for kids and adults alike, with their ’70s variant: Smess. I loved this game as a kid. Every square was covered with bright, crazy arrows and pointing hands to show which way you could (and couldn’t) move, and the playing pieces were just as zany with Ninnies, Numskulls and The Brain. They called it “The Ninny’s Chess”, with it’s simplified rules, but you never felt like a Ninny playing it. Sadly it’s no longer in production anymore, but with a young son of my own I just had to track one down – and I’m happy to report that the next generation now loves it, too!

Blast from the Past

It’s often said that the ‘60s and ‘70s were the glory days of board gaming. But is this really true? Some people get nostalgic about board gaming experiences from their childhoods, recalling fond memories of hours whiled away playing endless games with their best pals. But was it a glorious board game-heyday or are our rose coloured glasses blurring the truth?

The Easy Bake Oven

While there were some spectacular board game highs, there were also some spectacular lows – one of which was the Easy Bake Oven, unleashed on girls in 1963 when a women’s place was still considered to be in the home – usually in the kitchen of course.  It was pre-feminism, when the concept of a female astronaut or Prime Minister was nothing more than a “pie in the sky” dream (cooked in an Easy Bake Oven no doubt).

Games of the ‘60s and ‘70s

Despite a few duds, overall it was a pretty fertile and prosperous time for board gaming. Some games became classics while others were eventually overshadowed by changes in fashion or advancements in technology. Others patiently await resurrection by visionary marketers of the future.

Ten games from the ‘60s and ‘70s that stick in my mind – for better or worse!

ScrabbleThe game that launched a thousand dictionaries and inspired a generation of literary nerds (known in the ‘60s as egg-heads) is still a sure-fire winner having sold over 100 million copies in more than 29 languages.

CareersRecently re-released, Careers has also stood the test of time and is more relevant than ever, as we now change careers an average of three times during our lifetimes. Players can balance the amount of wealth, fame and happiness they wish to acquire and align this with their career goals.

MonopolyA masterpiece of Capitalist propaganda or a gaming masterpiece?

Hungry Hungry Hippos – I never realised until recently that Hippos are quite aggressive in the wild and actually kill lots of people each year. Gives the game a whole new dimension doesn’t it?

KerplunkAn upmarket version of pick-up-sticks, the marbles seemed an unnecessary addition to me as I was used to playing low-tech pick-up-sticks with my siblings. But most kids love the winning combination of suspense and noise!

MousetrapOffering a glorious array of colourful plastic contraptions designed to catch not just your eye, but ultimately a mouse, Mousetrap has an excruciatingly slow build-up, but the finale makes it all worth it. Or so they say. It’s not for creative types as each game is quite similar to the one before.

OperationNow here’s a game you can get stuck into! I hear operating on Funny Bone Frank has led some kids to pursue a medical career. Apparently some doctors love surgery so much, they’d rather do surgery than do anything else. Maybe to them – every patient is Funny Bone Frank!

MastermindFrom the slightly creepy box art to the tiny board and plastic pegs, this is a compact but complex game that can be best summarised as Battleship for grown-ups. The basic premise is based on breaking your opponent’s code (a sequence of coloured pegs) in a limited number of steps.

Bermuda Triangle – Like a lot of games from this era, the TV commercial and box art promised a lot but delivered a somewhat mediocre experience. Still, the magnetic cloud was pretty cool and I still have very vivid memories of the board design and bits.

Ghost Train – Like Mouse Trap, this game is heavily dependent on gimmicky toy pieces that were invariably lost over time. It’s based on the amusement park ride of the same name and promises thrills and spills, but the most exciting thing about it was the buzz of peeling off the shrink-wrap plastic packaging.

What’s your most memorable game from the ‘60s and ‘70s?    Why not enter our weekly giveaway based on this story…

Kinderspiel des Jahres – Children’s Game of the Year – winner announced

The wait is finally over! The winner of the Kinderspiel des Jahres (Children’s Game of the Year) has just been announced in Hamburg, Germany.  The nominees were:

  • Diego Dragon Tooth
    By Manfred Ludwig
    2 – Publisher: Haba

4 Players 5+

  • Kraken-Alarm
    By Oliver Igelhaut
    Publisher: Kosmos

2 – 4 Players 5+

  • Tower Panic!
    By Andrew and Jack Lawson
    Publisher: Goliath

2 – 8 Players 6+

  • Vampire Night
    By Kirsten Becker and Jens-Peter Schliemann
    Publisher: Three Magic Game
    2-4 players 6+
  • Turi-Tour
    By Alessandro Zucchini
    Publisher: Selecta

2-4 players 5+

And the well deserved winner is: Diego Dragon Tooth!

Do you think the judges got it right?

Let us know whether you think the best game won, or if another game deserved the prize?

The Spiel Des Jahres for 2010 has been announced

Hot off the press. No more waiting, and the winner is….

The grand prize winner is Dixit by Jean-Louis Roubira, published by Libellud.

Dixit can now add the prestigious Spiel Des Jahres to the many awards it’s already won, including French Game of the Yearthe Golden Ace, Spanish Game of the Year – the Jeugo del Año and Gateway Game of the Year. Made up of 84 beautiful cards illustrated by Marie Cardouat, this game is best played with 3 – 6 players aged 8 +.

Coming July 2010

Video Review: Mystery Express

Experience the very pinnacle of stylish and luxurious travel aboard the famed Orient Express…

… until you find the body!

Suddenly everyone on board is a suspect, as you desperately attempt to solve the murder before the train reaches Istanbul.
Welcome to the Mystery Express!

Nominees for Spiel Des Jahres 2010

And the five nominees for Spiel des Jahres 2010 are….

  • Dixit
    By Jean-Louis Roubira
    Publisher: Libellud
    3 – 6 players 8+
  • Ident
    By William P. Jacobson and Amanda A. Kohout
    Publisher: Asmodee
    3 – 6 players 8+
  • Fresco
    By Marco and Marcel Ruskowski Süßelbeck
    Publisher: Queen Games
    2-4 players 10+

Will it be the artistic Ident, Dixit or Fresco that will take the prize or the gastronomic A la Carte?

My pick is the tactical Through the Ages – The Dice Game – Bronze.

Kinderspiel des Jahres (Children’s Game of the Year).

The five nominees for Children’s Game of the Year are…

2 – 4 Players 5+

2 – 4 Players 5+

2 – 8 Players 6+

  • Vampire Night
    By Kirsten Becker and Jens-Peter Schliemann
    Publisher: Three Magic Game
    2-4 players 6+
  • Turi-Tour
    By Alessandro Zucchini
    Publisher: Selecta

2-4 players 5+

The winner of Spiel des Jahres will be announced on June 28 in Berlin and the Kinderspiel des Jahres on August 2 in Hamburg. A special “Game of the Year Plus” award for excellence has already been bestowed on the medieval game The Gates of the World published by Kosmos. So who do you think will win the coveted Spiel des Jahres and Kinderspiel des Jahres for 2010?

Who Will Win in Spiel Des Jahres 2010

Excitement is mounting in anticipation of which game will win Spiel Des Jahres (Game of the Year) in 2010. Considered the Oscars of the gaming industry, this prestigious award has been running for over 30 years. Founded in 1978 by a group of leading games reviewers from German speaking countries, the award was designed to reward excellence in game design and promote board games as a fun, friendly and family oriented activity. A selection of previous winners include Dominion (2009), Zooloretto (2007), Alhambra (2003), Carcassonne (2001) and Settlers of Catan (1995). The winner will be selected and announced on June 28th 2010, from a pool of five nominees.

Spiel Des Jahres – what’s it all about?

Although the award is purely meritorious, a mere nomination can increase sales by up to 300% and winning can translate into sales of up to 500,000 units. One of the important aims of the award was to ensure German games proliferated and flourished and it has definitely succeeded. In the process, the Spiel des Jahres award has set high standards for game production around the world. Jurors are selected from a pool of independent and highly regarded games critics and reporters, with proven reviewing track records in a variety of media. There is also a special Children’s Game Committee, that’s responsible for choosing the Kinderspiel Des Jahres (Children’s Game of the Year), which is announced shortly after the main award.

Spiel Des Jahres – special awards.

Each year, there’s also the chance that one or two special awards may be granted. Previous awards include Best Party Game for GiftTRAP in 2009, Best Complex Game for Agricola in 2008 and Best Fantasy Game for Shadows Over Camelot in 2006 to name just a few. Other special award categories have included Dexterity, Historical, Literary and even Beautiful!

Spiel Des Jahres – who wins and why?

So who wins and why? To be eligible for this sought after award, a game must have been released in Germany during the preceding 12 months and must satisfy a range of stringent criteria. Games must be:

•    Original in concept and good value.
•    Easy to understand and well structured with clear rules.
•    Outstanding in presentation and layout, with superior design of game board, box and rules.
•    Exceptional in functionality design and workmanship.

Spiel Des Jahres – send us your nominations predictions.

The names of the five finalists will be announced in less than a week. I have my own thoughts about which games might be on the nominations list, but I’d like to hear your ideas. Let me know who you think will make the cut for 2010!